Western Martial Academies of Australia

Glenn Lachlan College of Arms

The WMAA will be running three Swordplay tournaments this year, and will include contestants from states and 9 schools. The tournaments are inspired by the singlestick competitions of 19th Century Highland Games and practised in Olympics and Empire Games until WW1 and only now returning to Highland Games.


Longsword Tournament, in which the two handed sword variety used by the Highlanders was called the claidheamh dà làimh, which means "two-handed sword". 

Singlestick Tournament, as was practiced 100 years ago in Australia and in Highland Gatherings.

* Tournament for charity (elimination tournament from a single hit, in which anyone can ignore a point taken      with a gold coin donation by anyone; not a serious tournament).

(Our replicas use synthetic plastic weapons and modern protective equipment to minimise harm to competitors and specifically remove critical targets such as hands and groin).


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